As a major privately owned accounting and tax firm, this client currently sits directly next to the "Big Four” top-performing accounting companies nationwide.

Working with some of the most successful brands and corporations throughout the country, this client’s main goals were to stay true to itself, maintaining its independent spirit, while at the same time modernizing its marketing outreach and engagement approaches.


Forward Media immediately began working to help with managing multiple media campaigns.

Oftentimes, anywhere from five to twelve brand awareness campaigns designed to help improve overall brand awareness of the company were being managed at one time. These initiatives improved lead generation techniques by using multiple media campaigns to drive target audience and demographics to reach out to the client and inquire about the services they offer.

Forward Media worked together with both marketing managers and directors to ensure that they received detailed reporting in order to monitor the campaigns. With this client, Forward Media also met monthly with the client’s marketing director to determine whether new paths and business initiatives should be considered in future digital and offline marketing campaigns, based on analytics and collected data reports.


  • Launched multichannel marketing campaigns

  • Split campaigns between “lead generation goals” and “maximizing brand awareness”

  • Measured overall business goals in addition to online traction

  • Second year of relationship continues to outperform first year

Our client leads the way in a category more typically accustomed to traditional marketing tools with its digital presence. We have integrated digital into the brand in a way that both includes measurable outcomes and is a testament to the independent spirit of the company.