As a major regional carrier benefiting from recent market consolidation, buoyant point-to-point market and a niche market position, our client knew they could do even better

They required not only a new brand, new identity and new name but also and perhaps more importantly, a complete digital transformation. Forward Media proposed a plan designed to maximize the use of digital media in order to increase the airline’s online exposure, drive consumer satisfaction and connect directly with their customers.


Forward Media implemented an entirely new digital face and consumer experience to the brand, including a complete overhaul of their booking system

With a new customer path to purchase, front-end UX design and back-end integration to the booking engine, the airline was retooled to generate leads and consumers at a much faster rate. A new graphic interface was designed along with data visualization technology for booking paths and managing data points to monitor customer activity. Additionally, Forward Media led the implementation of both Google Flights and a comprehensive round of quality assurance development. Their brand positioning work began with in-depth market research and understanding of their core demographic.

Forward Media designed a new look and feel and a roll out plan for the airline’s new aesthetic and image. The new name was conceived to not only claim their renewed position in the regional market but also take them into a national and transborder sphere. Forward Media developed comprehensive route development campaigns and launch initiatives based on the new digitally savvy positioning. Multi channel brand awareness campaigns using both online and offline tactics were used to stimulate holiday travel.


  • Focused on revenue-generating lower funnel and overall positioning

  • Multichannel brand awareness campaign drives greater direct bookings

  • Revenue-building performance media drives insights for campaign optimization

  • Booking engine integration and complete overhaul and optimization of the customer path to purchase

  • Complete new checkout process and brand new graphic interface along with a navigation solution that is easily accessible for all

  • Google Flights integration to streamline flight tracking for all customers who book via the airline’s official website

The combination of a comprehensive brand overhaul and an easy-to-use and digitally intuitive path to purchase positioned this airline for growth. We integrated the airline’s unique positioning and route structure with a multichannel strategy.