Forward Media’s challenge was to reach an audience of professionals who had a purpose for succession planning

As succession planning is an optimal business for a financial practice, Forward Media strived to develop campaigns that would not only reach small businesses and farmers, but also medical professionals such as doctors, dentists and specialty physicians.


A three-month, highly targeted campaign was launched, with a goal of maximizing overall engagement.

Additionally, Forward Media created a landing page complete with an assessment tool that provided a clear path for interested individuals in order to reach out to a representative for future follow-up. Additionally, we devised an entirely new online marketing campaign to drive the client’s target audience directly to the newly built landing page environment.


  • First-time campaign data analysis was key to future success

  • Engagement proved to be acceptable, and we expanded to additional campaign formats and verticals

  • Updates to the tool itself refined its targeting ability

  • Engaged online with difficult to find audience

  • Micro-targeting drove campaign success

  • Built awareness of succession planning tools and services

The new digital media campaign delivered increased awareness of the client’s succession planning practice. The experience of connecting with current leaders about the importance of this aspect of business planning in the online world drove high levels of engagement with our digital tools.