This client provides private aviation memberships

This highly specialized service translated into a challenge that was no easy feat. The client’s ultimate goal was to reach a highly specific, elite target audience—for example, a well-known neurosurgeon or a high-profile author interested in obtaining a private aviation membership—as widely as possible.


Forward Media first worked to extract and pull various IP lists that were available within the Financial District of Manhattan along with well-regarded deal brokerages throughout Manhattan and Boston

We then invested time in crafting additional digital campaigns for individuals who were searching for flight bookings available between both Manhattan and Boston. Data collected from these campaigns were then used to compare various companies that currently held United or Delta Packages along with jet timeshares (private) with the client’s own private aviation membership company.

Utilizing advanced geofencing technology a target list of offices was created. Forward Media was able to create hyper-targeted campaigns that were also synchronized with in-person membership activations.


  • Digital campaign resulted in 20% increase in subscriptions

  • 50% overall reduction in CPA (cost per acquisition) of each new customer

  • 12x increase in ROI


Increase In Subscriptions


Overall Reduction in CPA


Increase In ROI

Micro-targeting, data and a strong value proposition came together with digital media to create a compelling story for the elusive audience of time-constrained wealthy people on the eastern seaboard. Forward Media found the perfect strategy and executed on the campaign in a way that delivered the desired results.