This client offers a quarterly e-publication that focuses on specific themes and services offered by the organization

Forward Media’s goal was to create a highly optimized and targeted campaign that reached our client’s desired target audience while also delivering high-quality ever-evolving content topics. The client’s main goal was to reach those who had a genuine need for the services provided or promoted by the client.


Forward Media built an online marketing campaign with a specified audience to reach relevant users based on the service being promoted or offered

We also understood that the client’s target audience was typically higher up in digital marketing funnels, prompting our team to further optimize each launched campaign.


  • Identified that both native advertising and Facebook Ads produced the best results in terms of overall clicks and total views

  • Noted that LinkedIn Newsfeed also provided positive results, while LinkedIn Display did not give the desired outcomes

  • Identified and reached the target demographics, while also uncovering highly engaged audience segments.

  • Utilized these highly engaged audience segments to generate nurture potential customers, and move them further along their digital journey

Forward Media focused on the highly measurable outcomes of this campaign by pinpointing those audiences that were most likely to engage with the e-publication’s meaningful content. The ability to pinpoint an audience and optimize in real time was crucial to the success of the ROI.