As a cybersecurity B2B service provider, this client offers software to help protect other small businesses and large enterprises

Some of the services they provide include protection against brand impersonation, online theft, data leakage and even the hijacking of social media accounts that are used to promote businesses and brands. The client had not yet established brand awareness with the target audience of consumers they intended to reach. Forward Media’s challenge was to build the client’s brand awareness while also implementing a long-term sales cycle with the ability to generate quality leads that ultimately resulted in sales and revenue for the company.


Forward Media first established an account-based marketing solution that allowed the use of tools such as an in-house sales team as well as a CRM system

We assisted with optimizing multichannel marketing campaigns while working in conjunction with the client’s current sales system. Forward Media was able to successfully extract useful data from the current sales system, such as email addresses, IP addresses, job titles and even where the prospective customers were currently employed. We used the current sales pipeline to generate new leads and better optimize our digital marketing strategy.


  • Generated 230% more users than past campaigns

  • Doubled the number of users engaging on the client’s official website

  • Increased engagement levels at local trade shows and conferences due to the geotargeting and hyper-targeting strategies

  • Integrated digital media into client marketing automation strategies

  • Generated ROI positive qualified leads

The use of data, targeting and full funnel digital media was crucial in inserting our client into the cybersecurity conversation. Forward Media was able to turn these digital tools and media into viable prospects that were ROI positive.