Targeting a Highly Elusive Audience

Forward Media’s challenge for the corporate finance advisory practice of this national accounting firm was not to reach multiple demographics but rather to target a highly specific executive audience with a genuine interest in learning more about a range of services, including consultation, analysis, acquisition, sales and other financial services the institution had to offer.


Forward Media worked to pinpoint a specific audience of desired users

As a result, a range of targeting criteria was developed in order to run campaigns based on specific age ranges and income brackets. Once these criteria were implemented and defined using key KPIs such as CTR (clickthrough rate), new sessions, time spent on site and overall impressions, the team at Forward Media devised a strategy to launch ads invested in channels that were most relevant to the practice’s ideal consumer.


  • Campaigns generated nearly twice the average post engagements received over previous campaigns

  • Above-average clickthrough rate on a major social media platform, with thousands of daily impressions recorded each day

  • Maintained an average of third place on major search engines, with first and second place search results as well

  • Boosted search engine rankings helped with generated additional traffic and new leads

  • Increased original targeted number of total impressions over the course of one three week campaign

  • Collected a substantial amount of data, allowing us to further develop unique and creative content

Forward Media was laser focused on connecting with one of the most difficult to find audiences in the online world: executive decision makers. The ability to identify and connect with these decision makers was crucial to engaging with the audience.