Forward Media was hired to scale this low-cost airline. Our mission was to drive ticket sales, create sustainable revenue, and expand the customer database.

They provide flights both in and out of the country’s largest cities and are currently expanding internationally to provide even more routes for consumers. Currently, the airline market is consolidated with legacy carriers and points programs, with a massive key to success centering on the ability to efficiently connect directly with customers online. Forward Media’s challenge when taking on this client was not only to increase booking revenue, but also to drastically increase overall brand awareness. They also strived to boost booking revenue for existing routes, anticipated expansion routes and new international markets.


Forward Media reviewed and analyzed the previous digital marketing provider’s performance, allowing them to set new goals, benchmarks and milestones with each individual target market the client had in mind.

Forward Media also created separate campaigns for each tactic utilized, while executing a highly optimized strategy to reach key audiences and demographics. We invested our time in determining the best method to reach qualified leads that were most likely to book a flight.


  • 74% reduction in cost of acquisition with our new digital media strategy

  • Generated 3 times more daily bookings than previous marketing strategies within one week

  • Client increased their digital spend by a whopping 60% within just 14 days due to the immense success and performance of our newly crafted campaigns

  • Gained immense knowledge about how to determine the best methods of generating bookings, including target markets




Daily Bookings


Increased Digital Spend

Forward Media realigned this client’s media mix with a lower funnel ROI-positive digital media strategy that immediately placed this airline in the competitive set. The ability to drive revenue and yet have a direct connection with a customer was paramount to the long-term impact of the airline’s business.