For an independent airline client based in the Pacific Region, Forward Media worked to rebuild and rebrand the operation

Forward Media strived to create a brand that was not only refreshing but also extremely appealing to both local Hawaiians as well as tourists. With the help of the new design, the client was positioned for eventual sale to an international group.


Forward Media assisted with the complete rebrand of this airline from the ground up, implementing modern design techniques, messaging and imagery

We worked to rebrand the entire fleet’s look and feel to match a more updated overarching program. Forward Media updated all uniforms with the airline’s new aesthetic and theme. Ergonomic and environmental design was considered in order to maximize marketing impact. The airline’s website was overhauled using the newly developed front-end UX. They developed, launched and monitored new promotional and advertising campaigns that were managed on multiple channels. As well, Forward Media utilized A/B testing and analyzed incoming and ongoing results of each campaign individually.


  • First ever 3-day seat sale generates over $1 million revenue

  • Full-page market launch daily newspaper sale drives 5 times normal revenue vs. comparable period

  • Global media coverage of airline’s eventual sale generates over 850 stories

  • Local affinity maintained while driving international brand awareness

  • Employee pride strengthened

  • New investor strengthens competition


$1M in 3-Day Seat Sale


Normal Revenue vs. Comparable Period



The comprehensive nature of the airline’s branding and digital footprint drew global attention. Forward Media understood the nuance of the local market’s affinity to the airline yet was able to move the brand to new heights.