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How AI Will Streamline Businesses

By September 13, 2023 No Comments

As an entirely online business, the paramount objective is to drive traffic to your website and products. Achieving optimal SEO and implementing keywords on your site is crucial, but manually integrating them can be time-consuming. Thankfully, in today’s era, there’s a multitude of AI copywriting tools at your disposal. These tools swiftly generate SEO-friendly blogs, product descriptions, and other content, all tailored to your specified keywords or discovered across the web.

This not only accelerates content creation but also unlocks opportunities for experimentation and optimization. In fact, our users often witness a 30-40% enhancement in results when conducting various split tests with programmatic advertising. The same potential for improvement applies to AI and SEO. For instance, you can run a split test with multiple CTAs and promptly identify which variations resonate better with your consumer base. Allowing AI to handle the bulk of copywriting empowers you to operate more efficiently and infuse creativity into your content.

Imagine a future where every page a customer visits on your site is dynamically tailored to their preferences. This future is not far off! More website creation tools are integrating AI systems into their designs, and soon we’ll witness entire websites being constructed in real-time when a customer clicks on an ad.

Professional Visuals

An integral aspect of compelling product descriptions is high-quality imagery. Traditionally, this necessitates hiring professional photographers, scheduling photo shoots, and potentially incurring substantial costs for all your offerings. AI image generation simplifies and expedites this process, allowing you to virtually place your product against any background in any desired style.

This capability extends beyond product photos; AI can also aid in crafting logos, color schemes, style guides, and other visual elements that elevate your marketing materials across the board. These tools enable a single graphic designer to produce the output of an entire team, resulting in significant time and cost savings as you establish your brand.

Workflow Streamlining

Time-saving stands out as the primary advantage of integrating AI into your workflow. Automating tasks accelerates processes, freeing you to address more intricate matters. Some of these tasks, no matter how minor, can be seamlessly handled by AI integrated directly into your website. For instance, automated follow-up emails can be generated and sent to customers who abandoned their shopping carts on your site, infusing a personalized touch in the retargeting phase while you focus on other priorities. The advanced AI technology employed by Genius Monkey even extends to retargeting consumers who left your competitor’s pages!

Leveraging AI to identify patterns, trends, and customer preferences provides invaluable insights into your consumer base. This empowers you to advertise more effectively today and adapt to their evolving desires and needs in the future.