Social media has also become an important channel for many firms as well

While social media is often seen as a channel that doesn’t work for B2B companies, it can still be an effective channel if you target the right audience and your marketing campaigns are executed properly. It’s also important to make sure that the right social media platforms are being used.

For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter works better for B2B companies than Instagram and Pinterst. Legal firms can use Facebook to appeal to personal injury clients while using LinkedIn to try to reach their professional clientele. Consulting firms can share valuable content on Twitter and LinkedIn in order to attract businesses that can use their services.

The whole point of social media is to reach audiences with your content. And by continuing to deliver great content, you will to build engaged followers and strong relationships. It also serves as an additional channel you can use (other than email) to engage existing clients so that they come back for repeat business.

Another important thing you shouldn’t overlook with social media is the opportunity to network with other businesses. LinkedIn is a great platform to start a conversation with related firms, companies, and working professionals that can help further your business goals.