Critical components of marketing remain the adage of knowing your audience is more critical than ever

The adage of knowing your audience is more critical than ever. The average attention span of an adult is eight seconds. Adults spend, on average, eight seconds to determine if something is worth investing their time. Once they have their attention, information must be targeted to the consumer’s specific needs, whether it is the lowest rate, comfort during the travel or reliability of the airline. Sending the right message to the wrong people is just as ineffective as not sending a message at all. The advantage of digital marketing is the ability to harvest details about potential consumers without interrupting their natural usage of digital platforms.

Well placed banners, surveys, and ads embed brand recognition subconsciously. Determining how to spend digital media buying dollars can be difficult. Experienced digital marketing teams like Forward Media, use data analytics to determine where and when to spend marketing dollars for the best return on investment. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow for direct to consumer advertising and have the ability to encourage a direct response from the consumer. Airlines can post flash sales or the opportunity to experience upgrades and improvements to airline carriers. These posts and banners lead to direct booking on airline websites.