Professional services firms are also investing into social ad campaigns to increase their reach and target their best prospects

Every major social media company has an advertising platform from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, to Pinterest. The best part about advertising on these platforms is the fact that they offer very advanced targeting options to target the most qualified prospects.

This allows firms to create ad campaigns that generate high quality leads for a relatively low ad spend. These ad campaigns are far more cost effective than traditional media channels like direct mail, radio, newspapers, and TV. In addition, you also get in-depth analytics on the performance of your ads. This allows you to easily optimize them and get an even better return on your ad spend.

Some firms expand their campaigns to programmatic advertising platforms and various display advertising channels. One example is the native ad platform called Yahoo Gemini. It allows advertisers to run small ads on publishing sites that land on the advertiser’s advertorials. Another good platform is Media.net, which allows you to run display ads, mobile ads, and targeted local ads.

These ad platforms serve ads similarly to the classic direct response newspaper classified ads format. However, you get improved audience targeting options, better control over your budget, and the ability to reach a mass audience.