As the popularity of digital marketing grows, consumers utilize social media for more than cute cat videos

A recent Pew Research study found, more than forty percent of Social media users, rely on social media as their primary source of news. These social media users find social media content to be trustworthy and reliable. An unshakeable level of trust and the more than 80 times a day people touch their phones, translates to dollars and cents.

Each time a consumer connects with social media, there is an opportunity to share what makes an airline carrier different and more valuable than the next. Social media consumers look to craft an image. They carefully curate photographs and content to project the idea of a lifestyle. A professional digital marketing firm such as Foward Media will customize a targeted plan to attract the correct audience and customer to fit the airline’s brand. Potential customers will determine if they are the right customer for the airline and book directly with the airline avoiding the middle man.